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Making Fonts: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Type-Design

A big fan of our bestselling book Why Fonts Matter? Ready to graduate and make your own? Simply put, Making Fonts is the only guide you will ever need for designing fonts. Afraid to get started? The authors remove the mystique, passing on the basics of type design in just 9 steps. Along the way you will learn about the anatomy of letters, tools of the trade and how to develop your ideas from start to finish. From experimentation with hand-drawn type to layout, digitalization, vectorization and the creation of perfect curves, all bases are covered. Making Fonts also includes a helpful selection of workshops as not all types are created equal and some require individual approaches. Now what are you waiting for?
TitelMaking Fonts: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Type-Design
SubtitelA Comprehensive Guide to Professional Type-Design
SamenvattingEngels | Hardcover | 9781584237747 | 13 december 2022 | 216 pagina's
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum13 december 2022
Aantal pagina's216
HoofdauteurChris Campe
Tweede AuteurUlrike Rausch
HoofduitgeverijGingko Press, Inc
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